So I attended the wedding of somebody from my church today. I was on the dance floor for all of 10 minutes – then they said: “All of the single ladies out on the dance floor for the throwing of the bouquet.” I tried to gracefully slip away when Sarah would have none of it and insisted I stay on the floor.

I gingerly put my left foot on the dance floor and stood in the far back and said: “See? I’m on the dance floor.”

I was concerned however that I was in the back of THE CENTER of the dance floor and somewhat in the line of fire.

The bride let rip the bouquet. Up, up it sailed……over everybody’s head. I saw it coming……..straight for my head. I did my normal thing…..I closed my eyes. The bouquet bounced off my head and fell into my hands. I opened my eyes and……I guess you would have to say I caught the bouquet. Nobody tried harder not to catch the bouquet.

Then there is the issue of really bad hair days in a very humid environment.

“Well”, said I, “how much can it really matter what my hair looks like anyway?”

You guessed it. I caught the bouquet and they ushered me up for a photo session with the bride.

Captured for all eternity.

Just another typical Dorey Story day attending the wedding.