Ah Ö.. family.  You live with them, eat with them, love them, fight with them, compete with them, cheer for them, are frustrated with them and embarrassed for and by them.  They are the blood in your veins and the stone in your shoe and it can take a lifetime to appreciate them!

Iíve often thought it a cruel irony that parents and kids are always a generation apart.  You donít really know what your parents are going through until you get to that stage of life.  Likewise they canít remember what it was like when they were your age, and even if they could the times have changed.

If familiarity breeds contempt and absence makes the heart grow fonder, then I guess thatís why my family is close.  Weíre scattered across the country.  It takes money and vacation time for me to see anybody.

Iíve gone through periods where I didnít appreciate my family.  Thankfully God has reminded me of all the wonderful things my family has done for each other and the many ways we have helped and supported each other.

My family is certainly not (and never was) in the center of the bell curve.  Actually, it may not have found its way into that bell at all.  We are a loud, unpredictable, unusual and a rather peculiar people.  Iíve never met anyone like us.  But Ė we love to love, we love to laugh and we want the better for each other.  We are not competing and we try to support each other in the ways that we can.

Ever since my father died (many years ago) we have been intentional about getting together periodically.    We had a family reunion in July (2008).  (Of course it HAD to be in Texas and this Boston belle was quite wilted!)  It was busy, crazy, loud, chaotic, and hectic.  It was wonderful!

As I reflect on the Dorey family I am settled with the reality of who we are.  We are NOT without our issues and our problems.  We struggle, worry, wonder, try, offend, succeed, fail, attend, ignore and forget regularly.  However Ė after all is said and done ÖÖÖ. I think that we have learned how to do family pretty well.

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