Music started early in my life – my grandfather and father were both singers. My siblings all sang and played instruments. In elementary school I took dance lessons, learned the recorder and played the cello for four years.

In junior high I sang in the “glee club” (great name) and was in a four-girl singing group called The Four Teens. In high school I studied the clarinet, was in the marching band, and sang in the school choir. I also started teaching myself how to play the piano by ear.

When I arrived at college I started playing guitar. A few years after college, I began a long stint as a bass player/singer in a wedding and function band. I was also a bass player in a band called Rockaway for two years, performing regularly at the Winery, Copperfield’s, and the Eliot Lounge.

After Rockaway I found myself entering the world of church music. My Christian and church music experience has included folk masses, playing bass, piano and guitar, singing hymns, contemporary worship and contemporary Christian music, dinner theater, musicals, concerts, bands, performing at a youth facility, street fairs, festivals, and leading worship music at women’s retreats.

Since 1999 I have been the bass player/singer in the worship band at Covenant Church in Arlington, MA.  I currently lead singing at a bible study at an assisted living facility.

Music is one of God’s most amazing languages and has been a constant in my life.  It has kept me steady in my faith, brought me closer to God and has been both a comfort and a source of ministry. It has afforded me opportunities, experiences and has led me to amazing friends.

Music touches on the eternal – age is irrelevant; language is not a hindrance and music can go Deeper Than Words. Music allows me to express the inexpressible, release the emotions and bring joy and healing to a hurting world. What a privilege to carry this gift through life.

Footnote: In 1993 I co-wrote the song “Our Town” with Linda Picceri. On September 18, 2008 it was adopted by the Watertown Town Council as the official song of the Town of Watertown.”