Risky Prayer is a collection of thought-provoking Adult Contemporary songs with a Christian perspective on faith, love, worship and prayer.

1. Don’t Let Me Slip Away
2. Believing
3. Did Mary Dance?
4. I Need You
5. Risky Prayer
6. The Son of God Has Come
7. The Glory of the Lord
8. God Was on My Side
9. Worthy Is the Lamb
10. Psalm 121
11. Your Love
12. In the Quiet




We pray for healing, protection, things we want, and for other people. We pray that God will be glorified, and that souls will be won for Christ. But do we pray to become more like Christ, to have the fruits of the Spirit worked into us, or to know Christ in His suffering? These are Risky Prayers. It’s not “risky” to put your life into God’s hands, but how He accomplishes His objectives can be scary. Are you willing to take the risk—to take the plunge?


“I can’t get ‘Did Mary Dance?’ out of my head. I am singing it all day long and really love that one.
And it absolutely makes me feel like dancing! I love the lyrics, the arrangement.. the back ground vocals.
It is so fun- it’s probably the mother in me that most identifies with this one! I love ‘The Son of God has Come’ too..
it is so powerful and anointed. . . I love them all. I have found myself singing ‘I Need You’ when I’m
struggling in my day. Thank you . . . It really gives us (the listeners) a glimpse into your relationship
with God and how He has loved you and been faithful.”
— Emily, Middleton, MA

“We have it in our car right now — a lot of beautiful songs:
worship, praise, psalms, more!”
— Chris, Belmont, MA

“I love your cd!!! I so appreciate hearing your voice when you sing! Your CD was a tremendous inspiration
and encouragement to me!!! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into creating it!”
— Viv, Arlington, MA

I listened to the song samples & they are GREAT! Also I noticed you sound
an awful lot like Karen Carpenter, who was a great talent & so are you.

— Sandy, Middleton, MA

“It sounds SO good, btw! It’s an amazing feat to get done at all,
but to have it turn out so well… congratulations!”
— Jack, Arlington, MA

Gail’s first full-length album featuring eight original songs and two instrumentals incorporating Celtic Pop, Theatre, New Age and Inspirational music styles.

1. Love Will Prevail
2. Sing a New Song
3. I Will Rejoice in the Lord
4. Trust God
5. Give Praise to God
6. Seek God’s Face in Prayer
7. On the Road Alone
8. The Journey
9. Deeper Than Words
10. Beyond Words





I started writing songs the day after my father died. I wrote “My Father’s Song” as a way to say goodbye. I ended up rewriting that song in 2006 as “Seek God’s Face In Prayer.” In 1986 I wrote “On The Road Alone” for the Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare’s annual conference. I wrote “I Will Rejoice in the Lord” 15 years ago as my first Christian song.

About six years ago the pastor at Covenant Church encouraged the members of the music team to write original music. Out of this prompting I wrote “Sing A New Song”, “Trust God”, “Love Will Prevail”, “Give Praise To God”, “The Journey”, and “Beyond Words.” During the recording process Peter Vantine (producer) and I decided that the CD needed one more song. I wrote “Deeper Than Words” as the companion song for “Beyond Words.”


“I want to know how much I’m enjoying your CD. I’m very impressed by the melodies
and the overall production. These are really great songs. Songs that stick in your head,
playback, and remind me of the great things you are saying. Very catchy lines!
But also deeply powerful songs. God must be smiling.”
— John, Minneapolis, MN

“Gail’s songs embrace me in the midst of my fear, doubt, and suffering,
and draw me into God’s tender and triumphant love where I respond in heartfelt worship.”
— Joanna, Lexington, MA

“I LOVE it!! . . . The “musicality” of the CD is fantastic. Great hooks . . . and surprising ranges . . .
You sound absolutely beautiful. Ethereal in one song and belting in another . . . Even if I didn’t know you
and your heart, I would know that you believe in what you’re singing about, and that you truly care
about the listener. As I listen, I can almost see you smiling on the joyful songs, and weeping on the
deeper ones . . . The production, of course, is fantastic, but it takes a back seat to the songs themselves
(which I think is a sign of good production!) You are a deep well, my friend!! Quite amazing…”
— Alice, North Andover, MA

“Gail, your CD is so inspirational . . . [it] helps me turn my home into a sacred place where I can listen to God
and find my sacred center. I cry each time I hear you sing “Trust God” . . . I plan to ask our pastor
if she would let me play your CD for a healing service.”
— Doris (and Socks), Des Moines, IA

“This CD always brings me such a deep sense of peace. It is grace for the journey.
It gives a sense of refreshing like a gently running brook.”
— Kathy, Arlington, MA

“I LOVED the CD. I followed your instructions closely and listened from under a pile of cats while sitting in my recliner.
You have written amazing music, sang it all very well, and Peter did exceedingly well with the arranging, etc.”
— Dawn, Watertown, MA

“…this website is not only beautiful, it is inspiring. I am so excited to get the CD and attend
one of your concerts. Your family is so wonderful and your Dad, a real gem. Loved the Dorey stories,
but always have! It is an amazing site and I loved its message.  ***** – a five star review”
— Gera, Quincy, MA