I think I was born singing, and talking probably came early …. and often! After that came writing songs and finally writing stories.

I began to notice that the things that happened to me, or that I did, were funny or crazy and I wanted to share them. I started writing some of them down and distributing them via email. The feedback on a few of them was overwhelming and encouraging. I also loved that I was making people laugh.

I also write “stories” after trauma and when people die. It has become my way of “working it out”, of saying goodbye. In this sense, writing is a form of therapy for me.

Finally, I write some Dorey Stories just to share what’s on my heart. This is a very busy, confusing and complicated world in which we live. For people like me, it’s hard to negotiate through life.

Whether reflective, happy or sad, I hope that these stories will touch your heart (or your funny bone) and lift your spirits.