I was supposed to sing in a church in Middleton on Friday night. It was a CD release concert for a band where I was the bass player/singer. I had been very stressed and quite busy at work and I had not had any time to go shopping. Alice had asked me if I had an outfit picked out for the concert. I felt the pressure.

I left work at 3:15 on Friday and went straight to the mall. God would provide. I went to J. Jill, as Alice had found her outfit so how could I possibly go wrong with the same store.

I purchased a blouse, but it needed to be ironed. I called Alice, but she was already at the church. Peter was also at the church, but he suggested that I go to his house to iron and he would call his wife and give her a heads up.

“Great, it’s on the way to the church. See you soon.”

I raced over to Peter’s house. By now I am running a little late and know I must move very quickly. I pulled up to the house and grabbed my things. I got to the door, rang the bell and a strange face met me at the door.

I figured that Peter’s mom must be watching the kids and Laurie must have stepped out.

Now Peter certainly would have told me that his mother was watching the kids and not Laurie, but I did not let logic or reason stop me. I pressed on.

“Oh hi – did Peter call and say I was coming over? I need to iron my blouse for the concert tonight.”

“No he didn’t.”

Then there was that moment of hesitation. “Oh – I really need to iron this blouse for tonight.”

“OK – come on in.”

I walked into their split level house with all my “stuff” in tow. As I walked up the steps and into the living room I noticed that the furniture was “rearranged”. [Hum…..This is different, but I like it.]

I was walking slowly with all my things while my hostess had gone ahead, set up the ironing board and was filling the iron.

Then I noticed that the living room furniture was different and I thought – they must have bought some new pieces. Then I noticed that the dining area was different. Then I ducked my head into the kitchen and IT HIT ME FULL FORCE………. I was in the wrong house.

Now I can’t exactly remember my feelings at that point, but I tried to move quickly.

“Oh my. I am so sorry – I’m in the wrong house. Do the Vantines live next door?”


“Oh, I am really sorry (and maybe I’m feeling like an idiot, too). I’ll leave now.”

“Oh no – you’re here and the iron is all set up.”

“Are you sure?” (What do you say to somebody at this point?)

“It’s fine.”

“OK,” I said sheepishly.

Oh boy did I feel really strange. Not half so much like a fool as I just felt totally disoriented. There I was ironing, dressing, putting in contacts, and doing makeup in a strange house.

I finally asked the name of my hostess. “Barbara,” she said.

“Barbara – why did you ever let me into your house?”

“Well I figured that maybe they had lost their power; and …….. it was company.”

I slipped in a couple of hints about the concert in case she felt inclined for more “company” or to see what this crazy person was up to.

Barbara said “Look at the funny story you can tell Peter and Laurie.”

“If you ever knew my life Barbara, you would know just how well this incident fits in.”

I said my thanks (can you possibly get out of the house gracefully at this point) and slipped out into the outside world. Of course I went next door to tell Laurie the whole story. LAURIE CRACKED UP.

Maybe this is a purpose in my life – to make people laugh. Whatever, I just put it down as another Dorey Story. I hope that you smiled and maybe even laughed just a little. Life is short. Take some time to savor the humor.

I am still shaking my head and wondering how I could go to the wrong house. I have been at Peter’s house 10 times. Maybe 20 is the magic number for me.

When I saw Peter I told him my story.

“How can I get it wrong? It’s the last house on the street.”

“No Gail, it’s not the last house on the street.”

Barbara died within a year of this incident. At her wake her children had a good laugh about the time their mother let a stranger into her house to iron a blouse.