Forty years ago they introduced computer terminals in the Child Support Enforcement offices. It was a blast. We entered the data, and the system would lose the data. Eventually we had to write down everything we entered, as the computer would periodically lose the data entry for a day. Part of the job – reenter all the data when they told us to.

It was so frustrating that I eventually drew a picture of a woman standing over a computer with an ax (or an axe). I signed it with my numeric office code, and my assigned letter. Someone finally “got it”, and called me back. We had a good laugh, and then I returned to run the office of do-overs.

Now it’s 40 years later.

I have a 2012 MacBook Pro. Turbo Tax said this was the last year I could us the computer with their product. Sigh. $$$ In February I bought an AppleWatch 5 for its health/security features. Apple told me that my iPhone 6s was the oldest phone they allowed to pair with the watch. Sigh. $$$

I bought a 2020 MacBook Air. When I first got it – the Apple watch could “unlock” the new laptop. Cool. I had to “migrate” the data from the old computer to the new computer on my own, as the Apple store is not open during the Covid-19 outbreak.. OK – I can do this.

I did the migration BUT – the Google Backup and Sync program got loose, and blew up my Google and Dropbox accounts. It was creating duplicates. Triplicates. (A friend told me later that Backup & Sync has problems with the new Apple operating system. I wish I had known in advance.) I uninstalled it from both computers, and started deleting with abandon.

Eventually things seemed better on the new computer. Whew.

However – the watch stopped opening the new computer. Sigh. Also – the watch would not complete the latest update. Sigh x 2.

I was on the phone with Apple support today, playing stump the stars. Their “senior” tech support person took a good hour. At one point I had to turn off the Bose headphones, as he said that the Bluetooth might be interfering with everything. I finally had my assignments – “unpair” the watch and the phone, do the update on the phone (which was not listed in the display), do the watch update, and then repair the two. No problem there (but I am not on the “A” team. Not even on the “B” team.)

Somehow I did it.

The “re-pairing” took two tries and a very very long time. My watch finally said it was up to date. Wow. And unbelievably – my watch now opens the new laptop again. Sweet.

I don’t know if this was worth it, but as of now everything is working, and it is current. I know I will need to get a new phone next (choke). Can’t wait to see what that does to the watch.

I am using the old computer to do the recording for the church music this week. I didn’t have time to learn the 2020 GarageBand program this week. That will be my assignment for next week.

Have I told you that I don’t do well with Change? However, if there is constant change, is it really change anymore? (I still love the line in Star Trek IV: “What is exact change?”).

I’ll check back when I have to get a new phone.

PS – my updated Apple Watch 5 alerted me today at 4:50, telling me it was time to get up and start walking. Sigh x 10.