Periodically God amazes me, and reminds me of just how close he really is………………

My father was a singer and a disc jockey and he received many records to review.  Our home was full of albums and my dad used to write his name (“Ray Dorey”) in the upper left hand corner of each album.  When my good friends bought a house in Watertown some 15 years ago, they found one of my dad’s albums in the house and gave it to me.  I have kept it.

Last week, with all of the Father’s Day ads on TV and radio, I sent a prayer up to God: “God, please give my mom and dad a hug for me.”  Then I went about my business, doing my Saturday chores.

When I got home that afternoon there was a record at my back door.  It was from another Watertown friend.  She put a note on the record, saying that she was working on an estate sale that day, and came across this and thought that I might like it.  It was a Frank Sinatra album. 

When I peeled back her note, there was my father’s signature.  And the album title……….

“Look to Your Heart”.

For me, the timing was amazing and very telling.  God is close, and He hears us, and He loves us, and He pays attention to us, and He is aware of every detail in our lives – even when we don’t think so, even when he is silent, and even when it does not appear to be true.

This was a wonderful “nudge” from God (and a return hug from my folks) in a surprising way. 

– The estate sale just “happened” to have been at my family home growing up.

– The record just “happened” to have arrived on the same day I shot up a prayer about my parents.

– The album title just “happened” to be titled “Look To Your Heart”, the same day I just “happened” to have sent up a heartfelt prayer of love and appreciation.

I just happen to think that God is all around us and just happens to delight in us, and in surprising us, and in amazing us sometimes. 🙂