You know how the say that multiple major changes in your life (moving, job change, health issues, relationship issues) can lead to stress that can lead to anxiety, sickness, depression in your life?   I think that a new category should be added to the list – technology updates. 

I recently went through a number of simultaneous “updates” in my life that caused me quite a bit of stress. 

The first change was the updating our work system from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.  I couldn’t attend the classes on the new system.   With deliverables due, I found that nobody knew how to do a Table of Contents, the printer didn’t work, the system kept erasing all of my links, the new system didn’t include programs that I used constantly, and I could not access the data system.  That caused me stress. 

The positive in this is that I had to learn how to learn quickly, but it was painful. 

Next, I switched from Verizon DSL to Comcast internet access.  I never realized the ramifications of changing my email address, after having one for a long time.  Notifying folks about my new email address was the easy part.  I then had to log into every service provider (a long list) and update my profile with the new address.  This included banks, airlines, libraries, and a laundry list of others.   There was also the matter of forwarding my web site email to my new email address. 

I had to submit for the “$100” rebate for switching to Comcast, which I have yet to see.   Then there was logging onto their system, learning their site works (i.e. my web mail, my voice mail, etc.)  

During this time, my friends moved to South Carolina.  They left me with a number of pictures, clothes to pass along to a friend in Mexico, and a bed.  The importing of the bed (and the corresponding furniture moves) mandates that I now find people to move my old couch out to the curb.  That is still on the list of things to do.  

I had scheduled time to hang the pictures with a friend, but we went to buy an Apple laptop instead.  After a month the pictures remain on the floor, as my assistant had to visit her parents out of state.  

Now let’s discuss the new Apple laptop. I took my friend’s advice and purchased the MacBook Pro complete with Apple Care and “Apple School” (the Apple one-to-one tutoring offered.   

When you buy an Apple product, they will move your files from your old machine to the new Apple laptop.  I went home, marked the connections on my desktop, and brought both computers to the Apple store.   About 30 minutes before pickup time they called to say that it would not be ready until the next day. Just another blip in life.   

I was eventually able to hook up the laptop and the router, but not the desktop or my old printer.   At my first Apple School session, I found out that their router would not work for my situation.  They also said that I was entitled to a new wireless printer with my purchase.    

The next day I returned the router to the Apple store with router.   However, the store had not included the router on the bill of sale.  I looked at the router and then at the sales person, and I slid the router over to him.  “Well, I didn’t buy it, so I don’t own it.    

The sales person got me the printer and showed me how to apply for the $100 rebate.   He also gave me a $100 gift certificate to buy Apple aps.  I don’t know if this was for my honesty or to get me started and addicted to Apple apps. 

I left the store a bought the router recommended by techy friends.   I was able to set this up with no problems.  

I started making progress with learning Apple.  At my next Apple School session, the teacher recommended that I download Apple’s new Lion operating system.  I obeyed.   That’s when I found out that Apple had reversed some of the hand commands.  So I had to learn the new commands on the new operating system.   

In the midst of this, I changed health care providers.    Logging onto a new site, locating claim forms, and submitting them, well it’s just one more new thing I had to learn and do. 

All of this is to say that I have had a lot of stress these last two months, and it was all caused be changes and updates.  Some other time I will tell you my experience in changing from a large national to a small local bank.   Guess which one follows and enforces every law? 

One more thing……I bought the Apple laptop for the recording software they include. However, I now must purchase a new microphone and a new/larger keyboard, to do the recording that I want.  Have I told you that I am too old for this?   

Technology appears to be the blessing, the curse, and a driving force for the remainder of our lives.  I had better find a way to enjoy the ride.